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True Blue Ribbon Quality

Quality Steel Buildings

Quality is something we take very seriously. In fact, we will never compromise on quality for the sake of money. Your building will be manufactured to exacting standards that are second to none while providing you with good value.

Our exclusive Anti-leak System keeps moisture out and helps reduce your maintenance and operational costs. Additionally, we offer a 40-year paint warranty against peeling, flaking, or loosing adhesion to an extent that is not apparent on ordinary exterior visual observation.  So, not only will your building be built to last, but it will also remain beautiful.

Quality Steel

  • Cable bracing for extra strength using 7-wire G-90 galvanized steel strands
  • Mainframe columns and rafters are 50-55 KSI yield strength for rugged, certified rigidity
  • Purlin and girts at 12 to 16 gauge with 55 KSI yield strength
  • Purlin/girt bridging angles to maintain spacing and add strength to the entire structure
  • G-90 galvanized base angles made of 16 GA or better (others use painted material)
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Quality is in the details like extra bracing for 50 or more KSI

Exclusive Anti-leak System

  • Our exclusive Siphon Groove System disperses water so it doesn’t get inside your building
  • Premium Fasteners with EPDM rubber washers create a water tight seal and they are color matched to your building!
  • Mastic sealing in the roof panels keeps water out of your building
  • High-Density Foam closures create tight seals in the roof
  • WG-7 closure systems seal roof panels to eaves for a weather tight seal
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Exclusive technology ensures superior protection from the elements

Sub-structure openings

  • Easy addition of optional windows and doors including overhead door openings
  • Cold formed 16-gauge material of 8 or 9-inch CC’s
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Easy to add substructure openings for doors and windows

Trim packages

  • Optional trim packages set us apart
  • Wrap around eave and gable with our Soffit System
  • Color matching, water resistant screws
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Trim packages add that added touch for beautiful building

Greg Polk, Rocky Mountain Pavement Maintenance

These are just some of the added quality standards we bring to your metal building. Since we are the actual manufacturer of your building, you are getting factory direct which entitles you to the highest quality at a fair price. You should expect exceptional quality from us. After all, that is why we can say your building will last 100 years.

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