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Single Source Manufacturer


As a single source manufacturer, we work with you from estimating to engineering and drafting to fabrication and delivery.

  • Pre-planning with you to ensure your new building meets all your needs
  • Drafting of your building plans
  • Providing you with stamped engineering plans
  • The actual fabrication of your metal building to our blue ribbon quality standards
  • Delivery of your building to the job site
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Your single source manufacturer with factories in North Dakota and South Carolina.

Benefits of Working Directly with the Manufacturer

Our team is dedicated to manufacturing the best building for you. We will carefully work with you to plan your new building and make sure we account for all your needs. After all, this should be the building of your dreams. Once we meet all of your needs, we will design your custom building in engineering.

Then, we will set to work building all the necessary parts for your building. With our three factories in North Dakota and South Carolina, we are proud to say that your metal building will be made in the U.S.A. by a team that takes a great deal of pride in their craft.

During the manufacturing, we use the best materials including G-90 galvanized steel and create bracing systems that far exceed industry standards at a min 50 KSI. We have invested millions of dollars into our factories for the best equipment to treat the strongest metal and create beautifully superior buildings.

When your building is ready, we will deliver it directly to your site with our own fleet of trucks.

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IAS Accreditation

You will not find more accredited and superior steel building certifications. This includes our IAS Accreditation. With IAS accreditation, it is evidence for code officials that your metal building is in compliance with the requirements in Chapter 17 of the International Building Code® (IBC®). This accreditation assures you that our team and buildings meet the highest building manufacturing standard.

Additional Benefits of IAS Accreditation:

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Steel Building Manufacturing Certifications

  • IAS Accreditation (formally AISC-MB)
  • Quasar
  • American Welding Society
  • Canadian Welding Society
  • Better Business Bureau
  • City of Houston
  • LA Department of Building and Safety
  • City of San Bernardino
  • And more!
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Steel Building Associations and Accreditations Steel Building Associations and Accreditations Steel Building Associations and Accreditations Steel Building Associations and Accreditations Steel Building Associations and Accreditations
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