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Custom Approach

The Right Custom Steel Building for You

When you buy from Sunward Steel Building, Inc. you are getting a custom-built metal building.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach.custom steel building

After all, we have been in business long enough to know that no one customer is alike nor does everyone have the same set of needs for their building.

Our approach has always been, before pen is put to paper and any drawings are created, that our team of building consultants meet with you and discuss exactly what you need in your building. Then once we understand your needs, we dig a little deeper and discuss your wants for the building. These can be the added touches that truly make your custom building special and the building of your dreams.

Wide Range of Color Options

From our consultative meetings, we draft up all the necessary specifications that meet your unique requirements. Even down to the color you desire so your building is not only right for you, but it is beautiful, too. Our colors span everything from white to varieties of red, blue, green, and more.

Our Building Colors

We design beautiful buildings with a wide variety color options.

Dream Buildings

Our Dream Building Line are truly beautiful buildings designed for strength and rigidity. They also include our exclusive Anti-Leak System at no additional cost. These buildings are incredibly functional and built to last. Plus, they come with a fully enclosed trim package and a wide variety of colors.

Our Dream Building Line

The Dream Building Line are long lasting with the Anti-Leak System included at no extra cost.

With You from Start to Finish

Once we agree that the specifications meet your needs and it is exactly what you want, then we begin drafting the plans and all the required engineering specifications. Then we get to work making your customized building that is that is truly the building of your dreams.

Throughout the process, we will involve you and keep you informed each and every step of the way. Our dedicated support team will make sure each and every question you have is answered and we will also take care of all the details with your building contractor, including coordination of the delivery to your site.

Also, if you need a contractor to get your custom steel building erected, we have a network of people you can work with who understand Sunward buildings and all the nuances involved with metal buildings.

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