Steel Aircraft Hangars

Whether a hobbyist, an aviation business owner or another type of enthusiast, you recognize the importance of protecting your pricey assets. Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. is a longtime supplier of premium-quality, pre-engineered steel aircraft hangars that offer a safe, secure space to store, maintain and repair planes and helicopters. Our buildings feature open, clear-span designs and bifold or sliding doors for easy accessibility while providing the strength and steadfast durability an aviation operation requires.

Popular Aircraft Hangar Sizes:

  • 42×40
  • 50×60
  • 60×60
  • 80×80
Aircraft Hangar

Popular Hangar Sizes

42’x40’ Aircraft Hangars

Perfect for hobbyists and private pilots, our prefabricated 42’x40’ steel aircraft hangars feature unobstructed clear-span designs and arrive to you to ready-to-erect, slashing construction time and as a result, related costs. Crafted using top-of-the-line steel components, a steel airplane hangar offers unmatched protection for your investment, standing strong in the face of snow, moisture, fire and other potential construction hazards.

50’x60’ Aircraft Hangars

Sunward Steel’s 50’x60’ aircraft hangars suit the needs of aviation enthusiasts across North America, holding their own in the face of harsh weather, heavy snowfall, pests and other potential dangers. Comprised of top-quality steel components, they offer unrivaled protection for some of your priciest assets, and they feature open, clear-span designs that maximize space and allow for easy accessibility.

60’x60’ Aircraft Hangars

Rugged, functional and pre-engineered to allow for easy, affordable erection, our 60’x60’ steel aircraft hangars meet the needs of today’s aviation enthusiasts and business owners alike. Delivering unmatched strength and durability, our prefabricated airplane hangars are ideal for storing planes, helicopters and other valuable assets you wish to protect or maintain, standing tall in the face of inclement weather, strong winds and similar hazards.

80’x80’ Aircraft Hangars

Sunward Steel’s pre-engineered 80’x80’ metal aircraft hangars provide ideal storage and maintenance solutions for aviation enthusiasts of all types, letting you rest assured your most valuable possessions will stay safe and protected despite snow, salt, wind or whatever other building hazards exist in your area. Ideal for private pilots and hobbyists as well as aviation business owners, our 80’x80’ base hangars deliver the strength, stability and durability today’s pilots demand.

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What Is Included With My Building Purchase

Standard Inclusions

• Engineered Certified Plans & Drawings
• Primary & Secondary Framing
• Roof & Wall Sheeting with Siphon Groove
• Complete Trim & Closure Package
• Long Life Fasteners
• Mastic Sealant
• Ridge Cap
• Pre-Marked Parts
• In House Manufacturing In One Of Our 3 Local US Factories
• Delivery to Site

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Customizable Options

• Insulation Packages
• Insulated Metal Panels
• Thermal Blocks
• Doors
• Windows
• Vents
• Fans
• Skylights
• Solar Panels
• Wainscot
• Cupolas
• Gutters & Downspouts
• Exterior Finishes

Color Options
Ash Gray Steel Panels  Ash Gray
Burnished Slate Steel Building Color  Burnished Slate
Light Stone Steel Panels  Light Stone
Saddle Tan Steel Panels  Saddle Tan
Hunter Green Steel Panels  Hunter Green
  Koko Brown
Charcoal Steel Panels  Charcoal
Hawaiian Blue Steel Building Color  Hawaiian Blue
Polar White Steel Panels  Polar White
Rustic Red Steel Building Color  Rustic Red

Galvalume Plus Also Available

* Note – Actual colors may vary based on screen and monitor resolution / settings.  Color charts and / or metal color chips are available and should be reviewed before choosing final building colors.